About Us

Innovative, Safe, and Effective Skincare Solutions are what we are all about.

One of the world’s leading dermatology and plastic surgery providers, Kertito Kertito Cosmetic Aesthetics was founded in Winwick in 2009. Our company’s success is founded only on the quality of our products and equipment, as well as the speed of our customer service. As a trusted dermatological partner, we strive to provide the finest possible solution to our esteemed customers. When it comes to dermopharmaceuticals, we’re always looking for new and innovative methods to stand out from the competition.

Our mission

Our goal is to deliver first-class independent healthcare to the local community in Winwick and its neighbouring regions through the Kertito Kertito Cosmetic Aesthetics charity. The hospital’s mission is to deliver the greatest quality care in a clean, comfortable, and well-maintained environment throughout all of its regulated operations.

At all times, our patients’ needs and preferences are our first concern. Patients should be treated with compassion, respect, and decency, and their particular needs should be taken into account in all aspects of care delivery at the hospital.

An effective, well-trained personnel is essential to the success of the hospital as it moves forward within a continuous improvement culture that supports both corporate and clinical governance at the same time.

Patient Satisfaction

An independent company monitors Kertito Kertito Cosmetic Aesthetics patient feedback. Results from other private clinics that also have their patient feedback independently analysed show that our results are substantially superior and allow us to claim absolutely that we are the top private clinics in London in terms of our patients’ views.

our team of experts

Dr. Alisa Wise

Dr. Camden Cervantsz

Dr. Alaina Beckelhimer

Dr. Kaylie Pfeil